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Cultural location
Within the reality of Rapone there are popular tales, stories, legends that have been transmitted from generation to generation but which, over time, are likely to disappear definitively.
Sharing with local people is a necessary step for collecting oral fairy tales. Anyone will have the opportunity to tell the fairy tale as told by his predecessors. Retrieving oral fairy tales is our goal; This goal can only be achieved through the memory of people belonging to the community. People will actively participate in the traditions of the town.
Geographical location     
Rapone rises in a hill,at 838 metres over the sea level along the valley of Ofanto and is surrounded by woods.Its woods,its caves and the rigid winter climate favoured the development of fairy tales.The oral fairy tales have a moral and educative value and are rich in traditional elements.For example the witches used the  pignatiedd e la Pignata.These were typical pans used daily.Typical dishes like beans with pork rind,boiled chestnuts and leaves soup were cooked inside.They were also used for magic practices like infusions.So the pignata is the identity symbol of Rapone and its magic world.Through this object we can discover antient works like craftsmanship with terracotta and a food and medical anthropology.
The legend says that it is better not to go in 2 places in the nights with a full moon:the Calvario(crossroads and entrance of the town)and  Miezzcol detto U munnezzar(place where rubbish was thrown away)because it was possible to meet the  u lup cumunal here.So through the fairy tale its is possible to recover also the identity of the places and the dialect.It is not possible to know the origins of a fairy tale but we can know where it is narrated,where it entered in the collective immagination and to which culture it is felt to belong to.We can collect the aspects of various fairytales and decide which are more close to us than others.




Thematic areas Demoethnoantropological (traditions,rituals)
Cultural interest evaluation To dust off adults' memory and give children the knowledge of popular  tales means to convey and remember a historical memory, the story of everyday life: the life that was being conducted, the places, the objects, family relationships, social mechanisms, emotionality .The project  Rapone Paese delle Fiabe has a demagogic and cultural value of the fairy tale, defending its collective imagination and identity, which is within the itinerary  that is going to be  proposed.
The fairy tales of Rapone contain moods, uses, diets, dialects proper of this town and are felt by the inhabitants.
Naturally, in the stories everyday life, hopes and defeats, the individual and collective life of Rapone's people exalted by fantasy and magical elements emerge.
The fairy tales followed the course of the seasons and the works; they were related to orality and destined to be forgotten.
Therefore, it is necessary to collect and transcribe them, to preserve them and make them known to the new generations, since they are the cultural heritage and memory belonging to the region and the country.
Context The  main characters of the fairytales are the masciare of Rapone that have a peculiarity,the ability to donate based on a solid communitary moral.When a witch asks for something(it is never money and anyway    a little ammount)you can’t say no otherwise she’ll put a spell on you.These tales were originated in a poor rural context and are  characterized by the solidarity,a fundamental element to create economic,psychic and social harmony.As we already saw,in the oral narration there are many elements that go missing and they change on the basis of the society’s needs.Surely in Rapone there were stories and characters that we won’t hear anymore because they went lost and probably thought to be obsolete for our days and our post modern society,differently from what we collected and analyzed,still transmitted from generation to generation.Also in the fairytale of Scazzamauriedd  we can notice this reciprocity that evidences another educational value: Scazzamauriedd is willing to give all his gold in order to have his hat back;in fact he understood which is the most valuable bargaining hip of a post modern society:money!but what does this dwarf want to teach us?that the richness is not money but the identity and abilites of the individual;Scazzamuariedd  without his hat wouldn’t be himself anymore and he would lose his magic powers.It is interesting to notice that the community carries on its traditions,and listening to the fairy tales of these characters we could say that they are trying to transmit values that are difficult to find today,like equality and solidarity.
Description of the managment mode The first method of safeguarding oral fairy tales was entrusted to professionals such as cultural anthropologists who first observed and studied the social and cultural context; Subsequently, there was the collection of documents  according to the qualitative method through open interviews with various subjects belonging to the community of Rapone, recorded on audio files, and subsequently analyzed. The second step involved disclosure. In 2010, the project was implemented by guaranting and  giving to the children the opportunity to know and give express creative expression to an historic local tradition,the  fairy tale, to evaluate and preserve it. The following year Rapone's municipality joined the PIOT NaturaCultura and was called with the name of  “rapone paese delle fiabe”.
The municipality of Rapone inaugurated the  project Rapone paese delle fiabe  through the organization of the Festival BurattinariaFest.
The festival took place in 3 days, during which the tradition of the Theater of Figura, the magic of the street arts and the local fairy tales have returned to the town of Rapone through an artistic and fairytale scenario. In the following years the intangible element was revitalized and re-evaluated through various competitions: literary, musical, cinematic and comic books and illustrations (currently present).
Significant features A small town of Lucania, Rapone, full of stories. Fantastic characters taking inspiration from reality and everyday life, stories that make you smile but also fear, stories that have strong symbolic and cultural values that are transmitted from generation to generation, avoiding their disappearance and encouraging new reading keys and new cultural and social features.
From here the idea of the municipality of Rapone to set up various competitions in the project Rapone paese delle fiabe, whose purpose was precisely to relive the traditions of a land full of stories and characters through the fairy tales.
With the project Rapone paese delle fiabe we will try to give a long and lasting interest in safeguarding and promoting that collective, historical memory that falls within the imaginary world of Rapone. Both of them essentially pursue the same goal in different ways.
In addition to these initiatives that have already begun,  Rapone could become a place dedicated to the promotion of creative arts, through a meeting featured by scientific conferences, as many of them are committed to promoting and safeguarding this specific art; laboratories for those who have an interest in cinema or those who have previous scientific experiences.
A place where art can meet tradition, give it new life, so and give back intelligible and effective synthesis of distinct traditions for interdisciplinary and international dialogue.
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Safeguard plan proposed

Community participation
A strong participation of the inhabitants will lead to the co-building of the knowledge of our intangible assets.
Within our project, people are newsmakers and recipients of news and can therefore play an interface between the inhabitants and the political and administrative structures. This means that the goal is to involve, stimulate, enhance, retrieve, retain, address the past and project it  into the future, promote research initiatives and activities; but also have anticipation and prediction skills.

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