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Cultural location   
The entire community organizes itself for the event, assisted by an organizing committee "A Procura" and supported by the municipal administration to maintain this heritage of faith and devotion.

Geographical location
Every corner of the town is involved,the historical centre,entirely decorated,the festive churches,the coloured houses and districts



Theme areas Sanctity and religious life
Cultural interest evaluation   The celebration of Madonna di Pignola is one of the most big and characteristic celebrations of Basilicata,and because of this the citizens of Pignola are very proud of it.
Context Pignola is a town with many elements of great attraction as well as being  busy and active. Just a few kilometers from the capital town of the region and the northern gateway to the national park of the Apennino Lucano Val d'Agri-Lagonegrese, there is a  landscape rich of peculiarity, cultural and natural-environmental values.
Description of the managment mode When Pope Leone X entrusted, in  1500, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Pantano to the college of Canonics of the church of Pignola, rules were set for a special celebration of the occasion. Originally entrusted to the capitoline priests of Pignola and the abbot for the celebration of the mass of Pantano, in time the festival was regularly repeated thanks to the spontaneity of the faithful. This combination has given strong impetus to the marian devotion and on the 27th of june  1965, the venerated image of the Virgin Mary was crowned;the golden crown used was offered by the faithful.
Significant features On the second friday of may three firecracker  shots break the morning silence announcing the beginning of the  Novena.The  devotees reach the sanctuary of Pantano and pay homage to the Virgin Mary. On the third and fourth Saturday of May, a special tradition is consumed: UGLIA. A hexagonal shape, originally of papier machè with the image of the Madonna painted on it. The Uglia  is carried on the shoulders by devotees, running and dancing through the town’s streets, greeted with  various burning fires in the neighborhoods. Here the Uglia stops, in a sort of homage to the locals who feed the fire with broomsticks in order to keep the simulacrum there  for as long as possible. The people who carry it dancing and singing, wait for the right time to go passed  the fire and head to the next one. Faith, folklore, tradition, history and legend: all this is the procession of UGLIA. An itinerary that can hardly be given a precise meaning: a symbol of unity and freedom for a people who rely, even in times of social, economic and natural troubles, to the Virgin Mary  through this manifestation of esteem, friendship and brotherhood.

Safeguard plan proposed

Community participation
The citizens are very proud of the celebration and generously want to make it better and better,showing their devotion to the Virgin Mary.The districts and streets are colourfully decorated in her honour,nothing is left to chance.

Where to eat


Ristorante Pizzeria Il Capriccio
C.da Petrucco, 10
85010 - Pignola (PZ)
Cell.: 330 489397
TIPO DI CUCINA: tipica locale

Restaurant in hotel

Hotel Giubileo
S.S. 92 - Loc. Rifreddo
85010 - Pignola (PZ)
Tel.: 0971 479910 - Fax: 0971 594584
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Trattorie e osterie

Trattoria Due Botti
Via Fontana, 7
85010 - Pignola (PZ)
Tel.: 0971 421253

 Fonte: APT Basilicata

Additional Info

  • Category: Itinerary of the sanctity and religious life
  • Month: May
  • Place: Pignola