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Cultural location     

The theatrical itinerary will cross the picturesque alleys of Nova Siri's historical centre,bringing visitors to start a "journey" in the history of the country.
In the historical palaces, the most exciting scenes will be set up, telling the story and life of the characters that marked  the country.
The historical centre of Nova Siri will be admired in an even more impressive and unique setting at night.
Organization and realization by the Cultural Association SUD "Gigi Giannotti" of Nova Siri.

Geographical location
Town of Nova Siri



Thematic areas History (moments,aspects/problems,main characters)
Cultural interest evaluation The theatrical itinerary will take visitors on a  trip to the Nova Siri of art, culture and tradition, telling the story and the life of the characters that marked the history of the country.
The historical centre of Nova Siri will be admired in an even more impressive and unique setting at night.
Here,the guests will hear the stories of some characters related to the history of the country and that will be revealed to the audience, thanks to theatrical plays with actors on a visit designed to intrigue, surprise, but above all to show.
The starting point of "Sotto il cielo di Bollita" is the literary inspiration whose evocative power stimulates the imagination,to reconstruct the atmospheres of the past. Literary sources are just the beginning of an unusual itinerary that involves all the senses through sounds, smells, flavors and colours that can make the places visited seem alive.
The simple walk around the centre while  listening to the words of a narrator is enhanced by the presence of actors who will read and play songs and make"surprises" depending on the place visited so that the spectator is involved in a rich, suspenseful time of suggestions.
Context Nova Siri, consisting of two urban agglomerations, the historical centre and the marina, today has about 7000 inhabitants.
"Castum boletum", "Boleto", "Veleta", "Bollita", were the various names with which over the centuries the current Nova Siri has been identified. Ancient documents and historical texts  extensively wrote about Siritide, a colony founded by the refugees from Troy around XVIII b.c. It was then conquered by the Greeks of Colophony in the second half of V b.c. Siritide, named after the Siri River (currently Sinni), was a region stretching from the Ferro river running near Roseto Capo Spulico to the left bank of the Basento River. The capital was Siris located at the mouth of the river Siri. The fertility and laboriousness of the inhabitants made Siritide an "amenable and hospitable"land,that stimulated  the envy of the neighboring colonies of Sibari, Metaponto, who allied with Crotone and  invaded Siritide,destroying the capital Siris. The survivors looked for shelter in the nearby mountains and a group of them stopped on a hill where a  necropolis of Sirtide stood;the Roman conquerors called it the "Castrum boletum" hill and used it as stronghold.
The signs of the byzantine domination  also left its footprints in Nova Siri especially in the castle, similar to a "Kastrum" or a fortified mass of Byzantine manufacture. In the records of the angevin Chancellor Bullitum Bullite, the feud of Boleto was owned by Giovanni di Monforte, and in 1310 also the clergy was present there. The Spanish re-populism assigned Boleto to a captain of Ferdinand the Catholic, Pedro Sandoval de Castro. Boleto was within the calabrian borders and remained there until 1816 when it was assigned to Basilicata. The name of de Castro has been famous in the history of poetry of Diego's son, whose name is related to the one of the poetess of Favale (Valsinni) Isabella Morra,both killed for a supposed love affair. In 1872 Bollita was changed to Nova Siri by the decree of Vittorio Emanuele II.
Description of the managment mode The aim of the project is to make the historical centre of Nova Siri re-live through the valorisation and re-evocation of the characters (Sandoval, Settembrini, Giampietri, Orioli, Giannotti, Spanò etc.) that characterized the long history of the country. Our idea is to transmit it  to the next generations, cultivating it in passion and attachment to the roots in young people.
The aims are also:
-To work for the recovery of the town's historical identity, rediscovering and enhancing its traditions and artistic, cultural and environmental heritage.
To contribute to raising the cultural level of citizenship through the promotion of appropriate initiatives, which can also be carried out in collaboration with other associations.
-To awaken and encourage citizens in their sense of belonging and responsibility towards their country and society through active participation in the life of the community.
-Realize theatrical and cultural shows.
Significant features The cultural components of the entire journey start from the acknowledgment of the importance of the territory in the possible social-economic and cultural development processes. The festival will take place in august, when the town is "invaded" by the great tourist flows, housed in the resort structures of the coast. The most important features are the places of the memory, not to be seen as sealed containers, an integral part of the historical  path.
The event "Sotto il cielo di Bollita" is characterized by an  theatrical itinerary to  recall  the following elements:
- Divulgation and promotion of the event through: 3x6 manifests, 100x140 50x100, invitations etc.
- “Sotto il cielo di bollita "will be held every thursday of August;
- Visitor registration;
- Distribution of the "Leave Pass";
- guided tours of exhibitions in the exhibition hall:
- Exhibitions of the Museo dei briganti and of the typical clothes of the Risorgimento;
- tourism visits with guides, from the welcome point at the beginning of the theatrical journey
- beginning of  the theatrical journey, which will involve theatre actors  and visitors themselves;
- tasting of typical local products;
- Animation of the square and alleys with songs and dances of the tradition of Basilicata.
Bibliography 1) "Dalle Ricordanze della mia vita" di Luigi Settembrini - Società editrice internazionale di Torino - Ristampa marzo 1958;
2) Biografia degli uomini illustri del Regno di Napoli di N. Gervasi - 1816;
3) Orazio Stanislao Orioli poeta dello Jonio Mare - Zefiri d'Elicona - Associazione Culturale SUD "Gigi Giannotti" Nova Siri;
4) Nova Siri "Un Viaggio nel ricordo" di Carmine Stigliano - Edizione Archivia - giugno 2004;


Safeguard plan proposed

Community participation
The participation is wide and diffused among the residents.which will be involved in the realization of the event as well as the number of tourists who will be offered a moment of high cultural appeal of the places . They will be directly involved in the organization of volunteer evenings and other cultural, social and educational institutions.

Where to eat

Restaurants in hotels

Hotel Imperiale GEFA S.O.S.
Via Pietro Nenni - Fraz. Marina di Nova Siri
75020 - Nova Siri (MT)
Tel.: 0835 536900 - Fax: 0835 536505
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Agriturismo Domus San Michele
C.da Centomola
75020 - Nova Siri (MT)
Tel.: 0835 877033 - Fax: 0835 877033
Cell.: 333 6295682

Az. Agr. La Collinetta
C.da Pietra del Conte, 1
75020 - Nova Siri (MT)
Tel.: 0835 505180 - Fax: 0835 505175
Cell.: 335 1693859
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fonte: APT Basilicata

Additional Info

  • Category: Historical itinerary
  • Month: August
  • Place: Nova Siri