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Cultural location
The cultural container, where the presentation and promotion of activities and an integral part of the itinerary content has been looked for in historical residences in the centre of Nova Siri, in addition to archaeological sites (Torre Bollita, Roman villa of Cugno dei Vagni) witnessing the identity of  the municipal territory.

Geographical location
Town of Nova Siri



Thematic areas Artistic
Cultural interest evaluation The multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach combines different cultural languages: archeology, history, visual arts and music.So the managment mode depends on a valuable equipe.The exhibition is itinerant among the cultural sites of the town .It will be advertised through online and offline communication.It is an emotional and didactic itinerary based on the history and archeology through a  virtual visit ,based on the knowledge of the territory of Nova Siri and the antient region Sirtide.
The itinerary also involves images and music.The title is "ILIO - ALLE ORIGINI DELL'OGGI" ;Ilio is the greek name of Troy the city described by Omero related to the colonization of Sirtide.The main aim of this is the rediscovery of the territory.
Context Nova Siri is a town of about 6.700 of inhabitants,on the border with Calabria with 2 distinct nucleuses,the historical centre and the Marina,born at the half of the last century twinning with the original town in Greece.In fact, the presence of the Sirian Ionian colony on the river with  the same name (today Sinni) is widely documented by literary sources. Founded in the middle of the VII b.c. by the greeks of Colophon, Siris was attacked by a coalition of the colonies of Metaponto, Sibari and Crotone about 100 years after its foundation. The battle, narrated by the ancient authors following the essay of Iliouphersis (that is, the events that led to the destruction of the city of Troy, wich lived stgorng analogies with Sirtide), does not seem to lead to the definitive destruction of the Ionian city, but rather to provoke its insertion in the achea domination , the indispensable basis of the Greek magical civilization and full witness of the western identity. The territory had the same settlement  until its contemporary history, witnessed by the presence of imposing structures of the Roman era (Cugno dei Vagni)and medieval presences, thanks to the phenomenon of the inhabitants  moving towards the hills led to the birth of the Old Town, and from the presence of the Torre Bollita, the Coastal Tower to defend the territory from the pirate incursions of  medieval and modern times.
Description of the managment mode lThe multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach combines different cultural languages: archeology, history, visual arts and music. Therefore, the methodology to be followed can not ignore the initial establishment of a team with recognized curricular value that for the different themes must decline the realization of the exhibition. The exhibition has an itinerant character among the places of culture recognized within the city circuit, therefore it needs the commitment of associations and the involvement of volunteers who will accompany all moments of fruition of the path. The proposed action will be publicized through the most well-known forms of on-line and off-line viral communication.
Safeguard plan proposed The cultural components of the entire exhibition, in addition to the artistic events of the final event, start from the acknowledgment of the importance of the territory in the possible socio-economic and cultural development processes. The festival will take place in august, when the municipality is "flooded" by the great tourism flows, housed in the resorts of the coast. The main feature in addition to the didactic value and knowledge are the places of culture as an integral part of the path content.
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Safeguard plan proposed

Community participation
The participation is to be considered diffused among the citizans which will have a main role in the event and will offer an important cultural appeal to the visitors.

Where to eat

Restaurants in hotels

Hotel Imperiale GEFA S.O.S.
Via Pietro Nenni - Fraz. Marina di Nova Siri
75020 - Nova Siri (MT)
Tel.: 0835 536900 - Fax: 0835 536505
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Agriturismo Domus San Michele
C.da Centomola
75020 - Nova Siri (MT)

Az. Agr. La Collinetta
C.da Pietra del Conte, 1
75020 - Nova Siri (MT)
Tel.: 0835 505180 - Fax: 0835 505175
Cell.: 335 1693859
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Fonte: APT Basilicata

Additional Info

  • Category: Artistic itinerary
  • Month: August
  • Place: Nova Siri