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Cultural location
The cultural location of Montescaglioso,linked to the Pro Loco and the associations of cultural promotion realize promotional and interventional activities of enhancment of the antient sites,to stimulate a process of cultural identity  related to the antient inhabited spaces but also as a social,economical and cultural  occasion.

Geographical location   
Historical centre of Montescaglioso



Thematic areas Artistic
Cultural interest evaluation The main purpose of this project is the recovery and preservation of the folkloristic music in Basilicata, an  immaterial tradition represented by the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, activities  of the communities that they recognized as part of the cultural heritage. The same International convention for the Protection of intangible heritage adopted by UNESCO in the XXXII session of the general conference of Paris on the 17th of October 2003, ratified by the Italian Parliament with the law n. 167 of the 27th of September 2007, has universally stipulated that the demoetanoanthropological heritage is constituted by elements that deserve to be safeguarded both legally and materially for future generations. This heritage, which is constantly replicated by the communities, contributes to the building of the local identity and constitutes its heritage especially in relation to the new generations. Before time can finally overcome such traditions, it is necessary to recover them, it is necessary to enhance events belonging to the local common memory, rediscover the musical heritage that is now at risk of abandonment, and  strengthen the bond with the territory of the younger generations.
Context The historical and cultural context of reference is the rural world with its sharing opportunities that characterized everyday life. Farmers, workers coming out of the farm for  work, weddings and funerals, or demonstrations in the squares, struggles, singing and dancing, moments in which their creativity was expressed, their own existence. The opportunity to tell about one's life with the body and with the voice.
Description of the managment mode The direct testimony of the elderly generations, the songs, the popular stories  are definitely disappearing.
In the past, there were researchers and musicians who understood the importance of oral culture for the identity of a town, the value of the capacity of songwriters to improvise on metrics and topics transmitted over the centuries.
Significant features The rhythmic-sound language of tradition and the movement closely linked to it, the creative process in its double form of production and reception, stimulate and facilitate the psycho-affective, cognitive and relational development of the person in his individuality and specificity and in his relationship with the others. Sometimes, music, the production of more or less complex and symbolic sound images, offers an instant access to the deepest part of the emotional-affective world, and to express it and share it . Music leaves a trace in the emotional-relational world of the individual, in a mutually transforming process. Not only is the capacity of popular music to speak a common language that transcends the different generations over time, produces a root of tradition and an immediate distinctive sign of recognition. So popular music, like history, represents the essence of a people. The Basilicata Region is, from this point of view, rich in examples that for the moment run different tracks without ever meeting, the aim of the project is to link the different experiences to create a network
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Safeguard plan proposed

Community participation proposed

To reach the different purposes,the project involves the community and is characterized by these elements

1.Support the encounter and the exchange among generations about the cultural heritage and the historical memory of the territory,enhancing the social and cultural role of the elderly;
2 Strengthen the sense of identity and belonging to the territory in the young people to fight against the social differences and discover a territorial and european identity.
3.Enhance the artistic talent and the expressive skills linked to the music and culture of the resident young people.
4. Contribute to fight against the youth unemployment and the social discomfortness,supporting the professional insertment and the new job opportunities linked to the culture and the artistic expression.

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Az. Agr. San Canio
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75024 - Montescaglioso (MT)
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Az. Agrituristica L'Orto di Lucania
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Fonte: APT Basilicata

Additional Info

  • Category: Artistic itinerary
  • Month: June
  • Place: Montescaglioso