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Thie culture of the mandoline is considered to belong to all the community of Avigliano,but who plays an important role in it are the new and old members of the plectrum orchestra.
The concrete elements are represented by the musical instruments and the arrangments.The culture of the mandoline was born in the artisan little shops,once existent in all the historical centre of Avigliano.No other practice of saveguard or recovery is signaled in the rest of Basilicata.

Descrizione del bene


Thematic areas Artistic
Cultural interest evaluation The diffusion of the plectrum instruments(mandoline,mandola,mandoloncello,guitar etc)started in the culture of avigliano in XIX,especially among the artisans,who practiced their activities in Naples usually for 6 months or more.Evidently they brought the musical culture of Naples in Avigliano,where the mandoline dominated.
The tradition of the plectrum was maintained and implemented thanks to the centre of musical education,founded in 1956 by Domenico Manfredi;here the plectrum orchestra of Avigliano was founded.This orchestra in the only one in Basilicata and one of the few in the south of Italy(most of them are in the north)but after the death of Manfredi(2000)the difficulty in finding mandoline teachers put the mandoline tradition of Avigliano at risk.Now the orchestra is conducted artistically and didactically by the orchestra director Mauro Squillante,mandoline teacher at the conservatory of Bari,who created with the municipality and the school Politeia the mandoline festival of Avigliano;it is usually celebrated in the first half of august.
Context Originally the context was represented by the social class of intellectuals and artisans.After the foundation of the plectrum orchestra,in the second half of 1900,the interest towards the plectrum instruments moved to the young student’s world(in 1978 the orchestra had 35 elements and the music had 150 total students.)
Description of the managment mode The transmittion of this culture to the new generations continues through the music schools,where adults and children go,and through some musical arrangments directed by the teachers of the music orchestra in Avigliano(extininguished around 1950)and were adapted to the mandoline(for example the oriental march composed around 1910).In the music school there are some people who dedicate themselves to the research of the arrangments and adapting them to the plectrum instruments
Significant features the culture of the mandoline and of the plectrum instruments never broke for 2 centuries,despite the fashion of the different epochs .This is because of the proposed repertory (which came from naples but also local)and because of the versatility of the instruments which sperimented contamination from other national and international musical cultures in the last years.A masterclass of mandoline is associated to the plectrum instruments (international campus of mandoline and guitar “D.Manfredi)held by the teacher Mauro Squillante and others at the hostel annexed to the sanctuary of madonna del carmine,in the middle of the territory of Avigliano at 1.228 metres of hight;it is populated by students from all over italy but also from holland and Algeria.The festival is interesting also for the regions around Basilicata and the teachers would like to create a unique event in Basilicata ,to promote the territory of Avigliano.
Bibliography The local news(and also national) always talked about the plecrtum orchestra since 1960 in occasion of the concerts held in different towns.Also japanese magazines talked about it in 1978-1980).Since 2012 the mandoline festival which takes place in the secodn half of august is widely advertised by internet and the news.


Safeguard plan proposed

Community participation
The local community always participated in the foundation of the plectrum orchestra,as a main character(participating in the music school)and enjoying it(the concerts reached around 600 spectators).Also associations that join the municipality in the organization,sponsors and citizans of Avigliano participate in the concert.



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Osteria Medioevo
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Birreria La Tana Dei Lupi
Contrada Paoladoce, 84 - Possidente
85021 - Avigliano (PZ)
Tel.: 0971 87109
Cell.: 347 0317152
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  • Category: Artistic itinerary
  • Month: July
  • Place: Avigliano