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Town center and sanctuary of S. Maria del Sauro.Area of  Sauro at the mouth of the stream Borrenza. There is a Sanctuary and a park where celebrations  of civil and religious ceremonies take place on the 1st and 2nd sunday of August.



Thematic areas Sanctity and religious life
Cultural interest evaluation The population worships the  Madonna del Sauro(virgin mary) showing its attachment to the historical / legendary facts that narrate about a sanctuary built because of a vision of the Virgin Mary sitting on a wagon with stone wheels pulled by a couple of oxen . Or, another version says it was built to put an end to strange phenomenons  that impeded to the  animals to drink from the river Sauro
Context The context is a pagan and religious ritual that  makes a religious tradition live;it manifestates itself with  festivals that fill the town of tourists, visitors and religious members from the near towns.
Description of the managment mode The knowledge and the safeguard of the  ritual of the  Madonna del Sauro  consists in cultural and religious activities based on the lines imparted by the church and according to the pagan needs of the people. Rituals of veneration in the church, sanctuary and the entire town.
Significant features Madonna del Sauro is the only statue that stays in the country during the summer and in the winter it stays at the sanctuary, confirming it is there to protect the farmers, who in winter were forced to pass the river Sauro ( called the”torrentaccio”(bad stream)because of the impetuosity of its waters) to go to the opposite river bank.
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Ristorante-Pizzeria La Taverna dei Benedettini di Nivia Celeste Curbelo
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Ristorante-Pizzeria Vecchio Mulino
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Additional Info

  • Category: Itinerary of the sanctity and religious life
  • Month: August
  • Place: Guardia Perticara