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The production of this cheese has very ancient, even of prehistoric origins. In the territory there are in fact traces of indigenous populations devoted to hunting, but also to the breeding of sheep and goats since the Mesolithic (12000 b.c). The name "Filiano" according to some hipothisis would result From the "wool spinning" activity, which is a consequence of the sheep breeding.

Among the most characteristic cheeses of Basilicata,the pecorino of Filiano is produced in a large area between the Monte Vulture and the Great Mountain of Muro Lucano, where the splendid valley of Vitalba in the territory of Filiano is.



Thematic areas Technical and artisanal knowledge
Cultural interest evaluation A confirmation is given by the regional regional exhibition of dairy products- popularly known as the Pecorino Festival - that takes place every year in Filiano at the beginning of September;it reached  its 42nd edition; A manifestation thanks to which the country is famous in Italy. For many people the Pecorino Festival has become a compulsory appointment. In the two days of the exhibition, thousands of people from everywhere come to Filano to prove a large  popular participation.It’s a great celebration, a chance to meet, exchange experiences for the operators and for the evaluation of the product.
This is possible because Filiano continues to have an abundant milk production. A good part of the milk produced throughout the area, including Vulture, Avigliano, San Fele and Bella, is transformed into the four cheese factories of Filiano.
Context Since October 2002, the Pecorino di Filiano has obtained a  national award for  the prestigious D.O.P. (Denomination of Protected Origin). This is in order to institutionalize and safeguard the organoleptic and biological characteristics of the products in Europe,to make them individualizable on the market (through a label printed on the crust of the product) and guarantee their quality and provenance.
Description of the managment mode The conservation mode  of the festival  is mainly related to the continuation of the pastoralism transmitted from father to son
Significant features This is the first Dop entirely from Basilicata, which characterizes a territory rich in history, biodiversity and tradition.Until today , just another inter-regional Dop, another cheese - Caciocavallo Silano - included ,among others ,the territory of Basilicata.
An important achievment for the town of Filiano, leader of the 30 municipalities in the territory of Dop, which has seen all the efforts sustained in several years become concrete,with the guidance and support of Alsia's technicians through territorial animation ,technical assistance, training and support to companies for production, transformation and promotion activities.
Bibliography The prestigious sweet cheese, with a sweet and delicate flavor that becomes increasingly pronounced with the seasoning and obtained exclusively from sheep milk from the territories of northwestern Basilicata, is officially recognized at a community level.

Safeguard plan proposed

Community Participation
The Pecorino makes many tourists and citizens discover the flavor of an ancient taste that is increasingly known and appreciated by everyone

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  • Category: Itinerary of technical and artisanal knowledge
  • Month: September
  • Place: Filiano