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The rich and important history of the Basilian monachism had in fardella its greatest expression and influence , since X. The monks from the east brought their culture, new agricultural practices, many medicines  and officinal and aromatic plants still present in our territory and represent a biodiversity that must be safeguarded and valorised. Some of these such as the coriander, is still used today for the production of cured meats, and we still have also  licorice,carosella wheat etc.
Of the important history of the Monastery of S Elia and Anastasio, which dominated for about 4 centuries the territory from Cilento to  Bari, Fardella preserves the ruins of the Monastery, a wine cellar recently restored, numerous relics, paintings and sacred objects of great historical and artistic value.




Thematic areas Technical and artisanal knowledge
Cultural interest evaluation The proposed event arrived  to its XXXVII edition. Our product has been recently exhibited at the  Padiglione Basilicata EXPO 2015.
In fact, the presence of a simple packet of pasta  attracted many citizans emigrated to the north of Italy in the 1970s;they also expressed their appreciation through the social network.
Context This product became an event, was born in the rural tradition of low social classes:this is underlined  by the presence of bean flour, once less valuable than wheat, which was considered the primary good of each family. Nowadays curiously it is the opposite: the bean flour is precious and researched.
The name "Raskatiell" or "scratched" means the physical action of the women in the preparation of pasta;we hope that this adjective brings us good luck, meaning that it scratches and will leave a mark in a little and new but intense economy,awakening the feeling of pride of its people.
Fardella's historical center becomes the location for numerous appointments, including workshops, conventions, concerts, theater plays, cabaret, games and famous international guests.
Description of the managment mode The municipality of Fardella, after the Decree of Recognition as a typical regional dish, registered and recognized two brands:
(A) the trade mark relating to the festival event "Festival of the Raskatiell of Fardella";
(B) the collective trade mark relating to the production and marketing of the product "Raskatiell of Fardella".
The recipe is kept secret and conserved by the notary.
Thanks to the town festival on the 18th of august of each year, with the involvement and total participation of all the adult women of the town and of all those who every year come to their home town, the municipality has realized culinary  laboratories, dedicated to adults, children, and foreigners where these women teach the art of making the  "Raskatiell"in their unique and original from;how to prepare the sauce, knead and work the hand-made pasta that will be cooked and tasted during the evening accompanied by good local music. Every year there is a day dedicated to the "Tavola rotonda” convention where a proper diet is illustrated and where the main nutritional elements of the diet are said to be pasta and cereals.
The festive atmosphere of all these days of workshops, conventions and the celebration itself are characterized by the  presence of people from the show buisness in order to promote our territory.
Significant features There is a physicality in the relationship between the citizens of Fardella and the typical dish that also the colours underline: the red of the tomatoes and chilli peppers,the green of basil, the dark colour of dough(neraly like the italian flag) seem to encourage a patriotic taste that involves the heart and the mouth. Even the winter version, "raskatiell sfritt", seasoned with garlic oil and milled pepper, reminds the citizans of Fardella about the heat of the burning fire in the fireplace and the snow on the roofs. This initiative, radicated in the culture of fardella, made an innovative project possible, that will make the town of Fardella stronger in the  cultural panorama of the region and of the Parco Nazionale del Pollino.
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Community Participation
The whole town participates in  the events. Elderly people, children, teenagers, tour guides, and residents themselves accompany tourists through the country's streets, to visit the” Museo della parola” . All age groups live the events and taste the knowledge and culture of the place.


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  • Category: Itinerary of technical and artisanal knowledge
  • Month: August
  • Place: Fardella