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Entire town
Emotional itinerary on the steps of De Martino in the streets of the town,which for the occasion presents itself as it was in the 1950’s,during the first expedition to the south of Italy;a mix of farmer culture and magical believes,joined with a culinar itinerary with typical products.



Thematic areas Demoethnoanthropological (traditions,rituals)
Cultural interest evaluation The town has a strong identity linked to the magic traditions.It was object of antropological studies of Ernesto de Martino who certified the expedition to the south of Italy organized by the cinema documentary maker Luigi Di Gianni.The journey in these places brought to the realization of the book”Sud e Magia”,and the seventh chapter talks about the magic life of Albano.
Context The context is the one described in the book”Sud e Magia”of Ernesto de Marino:the life of the farmers who live through struggles and to cure sicknesses using a mixture of magic and religion.
Description of the managment mode Realization of an itinerary dedicated to the farmer world and the magic traditions with the purpose to characterize the strong cultural identity of the town and the surrounding area
Significant features Itinerary linked to the magic traditions in their enviroment:gates,floors,furniture elements,tanks,panorama,the church,vegetable gardens in town,historical squares,Palazzo Ducale(where the show”I Pacc d’Alb’n”takes place for the event),the observatory,all to create a intinerary of historical and cultural emotions.
Bibliography “The nights of magic”were born from the discovery of the farmer identity told in the seventh chapter of the book”Sud e Magia”of De Martino,and the films contained in the documentary of Luigi di Gianni:”Lucania Magica”.The idea of giving the honorary citizenship to Luigi Di Gianni is being discussed and numberous newspaper articles were dedicated to the event from newspapers like La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno Il Quotidiano di Basilicata, La Nuova del Sud.Also many websites talked about the event like Basilicatanet, CittadeiBimbi, scoopsquare, Il Lucano, BasilicataNotizie, La rivista dei Parchi, adnkronos,, libero 24x7, Oltre free press, La Siritide.


Safeguard plan proposed

Community participation
All the community is envolved:a hundred among actors,security and transport operators participate through the realization  of culinary stands and artisanal products.Also ethnic musical groups,folcloristic groups,clowns,fire eaters and visual and sound operators participate.


Where to eat

Restaurants and pizzeria

Ristorante Pizzeria American Bar Disco "Fontanili"
SS 7 Pz-Tric Km. 589 - C.da Fontanili
85010 - Albano di Lucania (PZ)
Tel.: 0971 981126 - Fax: 0971 781126
Cell.: 360 279944
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Source: Apt Basilicata

Additional Info

  • Category: Demoethnoantropological itinerary
  • Month: August
  • Place: Albano di Lucania