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Cultural location
The initiatives underlines the forgotten game ,the communities that practice it and the territory on which it lives,the communit of Tito and the entire area of Marmo Melandro.The intervention interests those traditional games transmitted since centuries,linked to specific cultural areas and to the geographical reality.
These game activities are usually practiced by adults,generally old people that knew how to divulgate inside their community a space dedicated to the game,going against that conformism that wants to identify the game as an exclusively childish activity.The initiative’s aim is the safeguard of the antient game linked to the rituals of Basilicata that maintain the historical memory alive,the enviromental peculiarities and the social creativity of the territory.The game is linked to the territory,so its safeguard means also the safeguard of the territory,playing can  help to conserve the traditions involving also the new generations.The game is a free and fun activity far from the consumistic society.It wants to tell about the rural land,about the slow and eternal journey through it.The action of the game can be repeated forever involving also the near territories and the tourists,continuing to give new emotional experiences.The game implicates the social interaction and unity of the community,that consciously brings to the tourism growth of Marmo Melandro.

Geographical location
The cultural game characterized the rural life of Tito  for centuries  and the area of Marmo Melandro,(north western area of Basilicata).This area is important because it is linked with the main roads of the south of Italy(like the highway Potenza-Sicignano to the A-RC and A1, and from the Fondo Valle d'Agri until the Ionica.The incidence of this heritage always goes beyond the amministrative and municipal borders,and its towns have similar elements (regulated by the programme GAL CSR Marmo Melandro-POIS).The referral geographical area has a surface of 871,89 kmq and a population of 49000 inhabitants.There are 15 towns of which 2 are mountain communities.




Thematic areas Demoethnoantropological (traditions,rituals)
Cultural interest evaluation The origins of the game rituals are respected in time and accord to the working seasons in the countryside or with religious moments in the historical centres of the town.For example:
-The game of the Morra in the squares of the inhabited centre of Ruoti.The ability of the citizens of Ruoti(men and women) in this game is known.
-The antient and forgotten game of the acquaiolo of Tito,that was held in the Acqua Bianca locality takes its name from the remains on the stones of mineral water springs,that flow since 800’ and are defined sulphoreus  and ferruginous.
-The game of the mazz and piuzz in Bella and in Marmo Platano
-The folk dances and songs(like the tarantella)during the beating among the olive trees in Potenza(this city earned the name of “città dell’olio”city of the olive oil).
-The Palo della cuccagna in Picerno,with cured meats as prizes
-The popular challenges in the taverns of Satriano to resist to the spicy and strong tastes,There are important enhancement activities about the chili pepper of Satriano of the  GAL CSR Marmo Melandro with the multimedia museum of the chili  pepper,and every year the PeperoncinoFest twinned with the productors of Diamante(CS)is celebrated.
-The sack race in  Muro Lucano,that took place in the end of the season of picking of the mountain potatoes(Still today the food parade of the mountain potatoe is celebrated.)
-The run with the Rotoballe,born as a game at the beggining of the last century in the fields of Balvano,cultivated with cereals on occasion of the picking of the rotaballe that represented the food for the zootecnical breeding farm of the area(it is not a coincidence that since some decades the ministry of the agricultural and forestal politics decided to open the CRA centre of experimental research of the zootechnics in Bella Muro,recognizing the importance and excellence of the zootechnics  in the area of Balvano-Muro Lucano-Bella-Baragiano).
Context In the territory of Marmo Melandro,zone between the extra regional areas and the capital of the region,there is the need to affirm its identity and enhance its resources.
For this reason the administration of Tito,the biggest town and economical centre of the area with the support of the other municipalities  and of the association GAL CSR Marmo Melandro intends to build and promote a net of itineraries,museums,natural paths and to emprove the welcoming structures in the territory in order to create a promotion and development that will widen the tourism opportunities.
The cultural heritage is tightly linked to the territory and the landscape and the cultural tourism is the best way to enhance both.Until now,the local associations,the GAL CSR Marmo Melandro,the voluntary work world  agreed to:
-Make the community aware of the value of their territory to improve its tourism development(for example the commitment of the  Accademia del Peperoncino Lucano);
-Promote meeting occasions with the agricultural world in order to make tha farms aware of the multifunctional activities coming from the exploitation of the territory( organized by the olive production firms in order to attract tourism interested in the process of making olive oil);
-To Involve visitors in the games to transmit the traditions linked to them(for example through voluntary workers that organize the games also in the near towns).
Description of the managment mode The conservation and safeguard mode practiced consists in the realization of an itinerant manifestation in the 15 towns of Marmo Melandro,among which the town of Tito.The theme is the competition between rural territories and the leader area (115 towns)measure through different skills focalized on the cultural and anthropological aspects that characterize the rural life.
The itinerant initiative must organize and realize manifestations in which the different territories will confront in a competitive way with antient games,artisanal skills and culinary skills.
These manifestations will represent a tourism attraction of the area,in an integrated and coordinated programme that will include promotion of the territory,its productions,its enviroment and nature.
The name of this initiative called Ruraliadi,rural olimpic games of Marmo Melandro are:
-Substaining the development of the rural territories through the enhancement of its natural,architectural,historical artistical and cultural  resources.
-Favouring the commercializement of the tourism resources in the rural areas through promotion activitities from a unitary and integrated point of view.
Significant features

The significant features of the  Giochi antichi del Marmo Melandro are:
Links with the territory
The communities of the game are particular because they are linked to the history and condition of a territory
This link has a social,historical and enviromental base.
The traditional games conserve knowledge,artisanal heritage of the territory and are repeatable in time.They are also an occasion for an everyday life and social exchange.

Safeguard from the risk of extinction.
The traditional game must be safeguarded because it runs the risk to be forgotten.
Belonging to the game community
The traditional game is about the concept of territory not ethnicity.It is possible to include immigrants or people with different cultures in the game.
Non-commercial bond
The communities participating must not have profit  purposes.The relations with privates and firms must not prevail in the initiatives of the communities.It is not possible to use the game,the players or the spaces for commercial projects or activities.
The community has to be composed by players distributed equally for age range.
The game quality
The complexity,type and history has to be evaluated during the”Olimpiadi della ruralità”.
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Safeguard plan proposed

Community participation
The admnistration will meet the citizans,the associations of the territory of Tito and of the other groups(also inside the  GAL CSR Marmo Melandro) and in this occasion a patrol activity will be organized in order to obtain the full sharing of the participating towns.

The municipal teams will make a general regulation  to participate in the games.Then a subject for the planning,animation and the operative coordination of the initiative will be chosen.

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  • Month: August
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