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Vulture melfese-In these areas the rituals of the holy week are represented since centuries according to the culture and tradition . Among these,Barile church is the most antient church.



Thematic areas Sanctity and religious life
Cultural interest evaluation The history,the tradition and the faith charachterize the holy representation of the via crucis in Barile.It’s a manifestation that is lived through these aspects,through symbols that recall the historical truths with the implication of its  popular and folcloristic traditions ;for example the faith in the sufferings of Golgota who finds the strength to personify the soul of the people through the popular compassion.
Context The symbolic contents of the representation are looked for through the religious direction and through the pagan tradition,in the presence of the cristian charachters at the time of the conviction of Jesus Christ.Like in those created in the popular fantasy,in those who suffer and those who enjoy their haughtiness,the serenity with which the young people interpret the various roles,in the richness and contemporaneity of the costums.The drama of Christ is lived again  for four hours,in the steep streets of the town in all it’s aspects:emotional,sentimental,of devotion and curiosity.
The religious syncretism assumes cultural and original tones that didn’t change in time.
Faith,tradition and history in this corner of Basilicata are connected and are the soul of this town,that it’s people defend jealously.
Description of the managment mode In Barile every citizan since the celebration of S.Giuseppe starts to live the internal commitment for the manifestation.
Everyone is directly or indirectly envolved.The manifestation counts 25 groups of charachters and envolves 116 people.All is coordinated by 40 volountary workers.
Significant features The population of Barile through this holy representation wants to testify it’s bond to it’s healthy cultural and faith traditions.It’s a day  in which the town lives it’s human story with pride and passion.
Bibliography "Radici, Tradizioni e Fede del Venerdì Santo a Barile", by Antonio Paternoster 2005, ristampato negli anni 2010 - 2012 e 2015.
A script that narrates the strong bond that the people of Barile have with that which is the Holy Representation of the Way of the Cross.


Safeguard plan proposed

Community participation
In the via Crucis of Barile the day of Holy Friday,the representation of the passion of christ is faithful to the holy scriptures.The young people of Barile come back from the places they moved to in order to participate in the procession,after a pastoral preparation.All the town participates in every detail,opening its houses to permit to the characters to get dressed and put make up on:the people also lend or donate gold objects that one of the most emblematic figures of the procession carrys on her costume: La Zingara.

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German s.n.c.
S.S. 93 per Rionero
85022 - Barile (PZ)
Tel.: 0972 770047 - Fax: 0972 770047
Cell.: 328 5913150

Source: APT Basilicata

Additional Info

  • Category: Itinerary of the sanctity and religious life
  • Month: April
  • Place: Barile