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Friday, 31 March 2017 08:45


Town of Chiaromonte
Association Amici del Sambuco "Pasquale Battista"
-Recognizment as a typical product and authorization to use the brand Ente Parco Nazionale del Pollino;
Through the development and innovation of the agriculture agency in Basilicata (ALSIA)we obtained the regulamentation of the production of flower liquor and of berry jam,and we are thinking of getting the regulamentation also for other products.
-We managed to get the recognition from Regione Basilicata as a typical regional product,for the flower liquor and for the berry jam.
- With the decree of 05/06/2009 of the ministry of enviromental agricultural and forestry politics,we appeared on the  addition n° 149 del 30/06/2009 addition n° 100,
Recognition definitively and nationally of the elderberry liquor as a typical regional product.Last april the ministry of the enviromental,agricultural and forestal politics declared the elderberry liquor as a typical regional product.
We are components of the Condotta Slow Food Pollino Lucano.
We obtained the municipal denomination as a typical product of the territory.
Since 2006 we collaborated  with the regional tv rai that transmitted our tv report in the programms”il settimanale”and “Rai international”,and we had contacts from overseas.We appeared on  uncountless newspaper articles ,in march also on”Salute”and “La Repubblica”of  Doctor .Roberto Suozzi.In 2010 we had the honour to represent the region Basilicata in the volume “The Story of the Italian Wine from Earth to Heaven"of Vinitaly,presented in San Paolo del Brasil in occasion of the “wine in the world 2010”event.



Thematic areas Technical and artisanal knowledge
Cultural interest evaluation The elderberry is radicated in the history of this community.Since centuries it’s used in the local culinary art even if it  is unknown in other regions.This is why Chiarodimonte is also called the town of Sambuco.
Context Since when men live on earth they learned to eat plants that the habitat offered.With the centuries they learned that the enviroment offered also what occured to cure themselves,not only to eat,;the modern pharmacopoeia bases itself on the past experiences.
It’s true that the progress and the industrialization brought men to grow tecnologically and  in number and this brought to the need to feed a growing number of inhabitants.It became necessary to derive the food ,because what nature offered wasn’t enough for everyone.This process carried on for some centuries and today men realized that eating synthetic food,with less naturalness is not ideal,so reserved enviroments were created like the natural parks,to recreate and preserve what nature once gave us naturally.In the parks the natural enviroment is recreated which men need more and more.The national prak of Pollino,one of the biggest in the world,offers a big variety of animals and plants that makes it unique.In the last years many different types of apple and pear trees were rediscovered,which seemed lost but that the spontaneity of the place preserved.Also the trees went through this process,and the elder tree is one of these.
Description of the managment mode Among the short term aims,there is the realization of an interactive  didactic farm,for the students who want to learn more about the elderberry,even if also now on reservation we organize guided visits in the places where it is possible to study the elderberry plant and where visitors can prepare  elderberry dishes with  their own hands.
Significant features It’s an indigenous plant that lives in the valleys up to 1500 metres of hight.Rustic for the land and for the climate,it prefers soft and humid lands,fresh and in the shade.The wood in the apical part of the plant or of the shoots is very tender,because of this it was used in the production of flutes,which people believed to have magical properties(the famous fairytale”the magic flute”).Instead,the wood in the basal part (white)is hard and heavy,adapt for turning and making kitchen objects.The elderberry is used also as a officinal plant and as a colorant,infact it’s berries,the leaves and the cortex are used to dye wool  and silk in purple,yellow and grey.All the green parts of the plant are poisonous exept the flowers,that are used to make sweet pancakes and depurative teas ,and the berries from which you can obtain jam and also a syrup against cold.The presence of a active substance in the leaves of the plant confers insect repellent properties,infact with the leaves you can prepare decoctions to keep away aphids,cochineal insects and ants.In the popular tradition,maybe for its many virtues,the tree was considered the place where the goddess Holda lived,that protected it and made it strong and vigorous.Its is actually fragile and delicate but it doesn’t need continuous cures,just retouches that permits it to take a distance from the ground where it lives so it can give to its fruits the possibility to recieve the sunrays and the raindrops better.The tree is 3 or 4 metres high.The young branches are green while the older ones have a dark brown cortex from where the lenticels stick out.The branches have opposite leaves with a dilatated stalk at the base;when they fall they leave a scar with the form of a halfmoon on the branch.They are elliptical and with a cuneate base,the margin is dentated and the peak ends with a sharp part.The flower is a corymb white and yellow inflorescence.The fruits of the elder tree are black berries with a purple juice that contain 2 or 3 seeds.The elderberry has diuretic properties(it makes the quantity of urine eliminated during the day increase)sudoriparous properties(it increases the secretion of sweat)laxative properties(it makes the evacuation of the faeces easier)anti rheumatic(against rheumatisms)anti neuralgic(it calms the neuralgies)emollient(it calms the inflammations).
Bibliography -

Safeguard plan proposed

Participation of the community
The event is organized with the collaboration of the association Amici del sambuco,but during the event all the population is envolved,starting from picking the flowers for the evening festival;the schools for the contest.the housewives for the culinary competition.

Where to eat

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Source: APT Basilicata

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