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Thematic areas Technical and artisanal knowledge
Cultural interest evaluation The bakeries represent for the community of S.Cataldo a true piece of History.Infact in the 1950’s  the institution for the land ownership donated plots of land to the citizans of S.Cataldo and built a bakery for every burrow .These were used by many families and still today are used mainly to bake bread(the first nutritional element of our diet).In ordre to make the bread the essential element is the wheat.The inhabitants of S.Cataldo of farmer origins  worked for years on the seeding and harvesting of the wheat.These fases were included in a cycle ,that represents a life built on hard work but that left space to the honest values of life.
Context The bakeries represent for San Cataldo still now a refferal point for the families that make bread and its derivatives.A real tradition that lasts since half a century.
Description of the managment mode The path of the bread”held on 12/08 is an itinery through the different bakeries of the place,culinar points where visitors can taste the typical products proposed.There are also many proposals linked to the life cycle of the wheat ,to the antient instruments used for it by the farmers and to the production of the bread.Along the itinerary artists and musicists make the evening pleasant with popular music and shows.
Significant features The path of the bread is a culinar and cultural manifestation organized in San Cataldo di Bella and it’s puropose is to underline the peculiarities of our territory:the artisanal production of the first element in our diet,the bread.The”common bakeries”were born in 1950 also thanks to the intervention of the land ownership institution,which contributed to keep this tradition alive until our days.For this reason the event is structured as an itinery that joins the main bakeries of the area.Inside the path of the bread there are different culinary stands where you can taste products linked to the bread ritual.These are prepared according to the antient traditions,taking advantage of the richness of the local agriculture.Particular rilevance is given also to the folcloristic and cultural ritual inside the history of this food:infact a little museum is set up inside the bakery where you can admire the instruments linked to the production of the bread and where some captions are exposed; the topic is the history of the bakeries and the magic superstitions linked to it.Also an exhibition  about the cycle of the bread is set up(tillage,seeding,harvesting,weighing,selection and grinding),according to the antient production modes.Also ancient tools and machinery are exposed in the stand,,with captions useful to illustrate the production process of the raw material the bread is made of:the flour.
To substain the artisanal and artistic job of the territory there are some exhibitions of work made by the artists and the artisans of the area:stone and wooden scultptures,production of antient tools used in agriculture and other manufacts.
Bibliography Lucania Persa, film di Luigi Di Gianni, 2013.

Safeguard plan proposed

Community participation
The community participates actively realizing the typical products linked to bread taking advantage of the richness of the agriculture of the territory.Various artisans  and artists show their work through exhibitions.About 200 citizans of San Cataldo are envolved in this initiative.


Where to eat


Az. Agr. I Cinque Venti
C.da S. Antonio Casalini, 85
85051 - Bella (PZ)
Tel.: 0976 6100 - Fax: 0976 6100
Cell.: 338 4058190

Source: APT Basilicata

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