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Town of  Brienza



Thematic areas Historical (moments,aspects/problems,main characters)
Cultural interest evaluation “Live the medieval age”is a local development project;it’s purpose is to evaluate and incentivate the culture and the enviromental resources of Brienza and to underline the sense of belonging of the population,making it live the atmosphere of a real medieval village,with its values and its problems.The activities are the workshops,the taverns,the markets,the life at court,the dances,the games,the heresy and the spirituality.The aim of the manifestation is not only to evaluate the local heritage(it’s beauties attract the interest and curiosity of the visitors)but to make the younger generations come closer to the history and to their roots.
Context The manifestation is inserted in the historical and cultural medieval context.Brienza is one of the few towns where the architecture of the old hamlet survived,placed on a hill surrounded by 2 streams and dominated by the Caracciolo castle.The castle full of  stories and legends permits us to live the stories of the princess Bianca,of her valorous admirers and of the people’s life.
Description of the managment mode The organization of the historical evocation”Vivi il medioevo”si based on the cultural exchange of the twinning with other associations not only from Basilicata but from other regions,to evaluate the town’s heritage and at the same time discover other places and cultures.The preparation starts 6  months in advance,with the help of the staff that manages the preparation of the costums,workshops,tools and settings.
Significant features The association rebuilt in some enviroments of the town and of the castle an exhibition of torture, instruments and medieval curiosities;different taverns and workshops(to taste typical medieval dishes);the room of the throne where the celebration of  princess Bianca’s wedding  took place.
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Safeguard plan proposed

Participation of the community
In the manifestation 200 local actors and 300 coming from other towns and regions are envolved.


Where to eat

Under construction

Source: APT Basilicata

Additional Info

  • Category: Historical itinerary
  • Month: August
  • Place: Brienza