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The tourism offer proposed is based on the fact that the tourism experience is a cultural experience.It associates the material and immaterial resources of the territory with cultural content,permitting an emotional and cognitive communication with the tourist.To obtain this the tourist has to be envolved:infact he is an active part of the project.So the offer puts together different elements,cultural,culinary,enviromental etc.
The event takes place in Banzi since 2000 and is organized mainly in the historical centre near the benedictine abbey and the church.Even if it is unique it’s connected with the historical processions of Acerenza and Forenza.These processions are indicated in the regional plan of tourism.

Descrizione del bene


Thematic areas Historical (moments,aspects/problems,main characters)
Cultural interest evaluation These events have the purpose to evaluate the endogenous resources of the territory;in particular to develope the tourist offer also in the rural areas,through the promotion of natural architectural historical and artistic resources.Unfortunately the manifestation could disappear because there are no founds for advertising it.
Context The events take place in the abbey of S.Maria di Banzi.The entire town is the scenario.S.Maria di Banzi is a benedectine monastery and it’s existence is certified by a document of 798 a.c.It became an important norman monastery and it hospitated many religious orders,the last was the franciscan order.Here the remembrance envolves the participants.
Description of the managment mode This event was transmitted to us through a manuscript:the memories of the antient city of Banzia(the memories of the monastery of Banzia or of S.Maria in Banzia).They were pubblicated by the cardinal of S.Eusebio and by his secretary Domenico Pannelli.
Significant features The Tempus Normannorum is one of the most important regional manifestations.Infact it remembers Urbano II,the pope of the crusades and of the constitutions of Melfi through the historical memory of the procession,of the convivium medii Aevi and of the norman ride.Here he sperimented his politics and he fed his hopes.There are also elements of legend and mistery here.Evocating this moment means not destroying the roots,underlining the traditions and preserving them,operating in the cultural and tourist market of the globalization.The entire population is envolved preparing this manifestation,organized by the municipality and the Pro Loco association.
Il sostegno e la salvaguardia di questa manifestazione ideata dal Comune e organizzata dalla Pro Loco e che vede impegnata una intera popolazione che si divide per tutto l'anno i lavori preparato
Bibliography D. PANELS, Le memorie bantine. The memoirs of the monastery of Bantino, or of Santa Maria in Banzia: published by order of Cardinal Sant'Eusebio aband commendatario of this peasant by Domenico Pannelli his secretary, curated by P. De Leo, Montescaglioso, Ed. Cooper Attiva, 1995; Ibid; "Ibidem;


Piano di salvaguardia proposto

Community participation
The community participates as actors and making the costums,manteining the previous ones.The associations prepare the setting up and the organization.



Where to eat

Restaurants and taverns

"La Capannina" Antica Osteria Bantina
Via Cairoli, 8
85010 - Banzi (PZ)
Tel.: 0971 947526 - Fax: 0971 947526
Cell.: 347 1768278

Fonte: APT Basilicata

Additional Info

  • Category: Historical itinerary
  • Month: August
  • Place: Banzi